About us

The Bunbury Men’s Shed is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation that began operating in 2015 to provide occupational, social and educational services to men residing in the City of Bunbury and near environs. Its principal objective is to contribute to the maintenance of men’s health. While all men over 18 are welcome, its target group includes retirees, men made redundant and those dealing with relationship breakdown and bereavement. Its services are centred on wood and metal workshop activities supplemented by social events as well as support activities in the wider community. With a present membership of  around 70, the shed is managed and administered by its volunteer membership through an elected Governance Committee responsible for overall supervision, finances and policy, and an Operations Committee responsible for internal workshop management.

We have regular meetings at which we invite a guest speaker to present topics of relevance to men.

We foster projects to raise funds for the Shed and help members to complete their own projects in woodworking, metalworking or computers.

We have a well-equipped woodworking shop, a metalworking shop, welding shed, spray-paint booth, computer facilities for training, meeting room. Currently establishing a garden, memorial area and veggie garden.

Bunbury Men’s Shed Aims:

  • To address the issues of men’s health (physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being
  • To engage men of all ages,
  • To support the social interaction of men in transitional periods (eg. Redundancy, Bereavement, retirement, Ill Health,
  • Relocation, Divorce, Respite Care) in a non-exclusive, non-judgemental way.
  • To share, disseminate and preserve the skills, abilities and interests that are relevant to the community.

Intended Achievements through Bunbury Men’s Shed

  • Utilising skills that may have been hidden or unused
  • Construction for community projects that may have been unaffordable
  • Address problems of older men
  • A drop-in centre for men of any age
  • Assist community groups with their projects

Management of Bunbury Men’s Shed

The Shed is run by a committee of management drawn from members. The men actually run the shed. They decide what to do, when to do it and at what pace they do it.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors