First Aid course completed by 11 members

Thanks to Peter Finlayson and Duncan Walker, 11 shedders participated in a St John’s First Aid course recently. The event, over about 5 hours, included morning tea and lunch.

Dummies (no, not fellow shedders) were used for learning CPR, defibrillators were activated, snake bite bandaging was practiced, and information about amputations, strokes, heart attacks, broken bones and other possible mishaps and medical emergencies imparted by the instructor.

The practical aspect of the instruction provided some entertainment. Highlights included Rob Hayward looking for the most attractive dummy on which to practice CPR, Peter Finlayson blowing excessively hard causing a burst lung on a “baby”, Bob Burgess dropping his dummy onto the floor resulting in a cerebral contusion and, due to admitting his support for West Coast, Don Robertson being shirt-fronted by the instructor who preferred the cross-town rivals.

Almost everyone was issued with a certificate acknowledging participation. Duncan may have been the exception, having slept soundly through some of the presentation.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors